About restaurant
White tablecloths, a wine boutique and an open kitchen - Nuala was the third project of the Solo restaurant group and was named after the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc of the same name.

The menu includes comfort food for every day under the patronage of Almaty resident Taras Korchagin. In two sections - “Water” and “Earth” - dishes of European cuisine with an emphasis on fish and seafood, as well as meat and vegetables. Gilardeau oysters, vongole shells, scallops, salmon and tuna are supplied to the restaurant weekly. Tuna is prepared with tataki and topped with avocado slices, scallops with truffle ponzu or coconut sauce, and vongole is simmered in white wine and served with homemade pasta. The chef orders meat and seasonal vegetables from local suppliers: horse steak is served with asparagus and shiitake mushrooms, beef rib is served with cauliflower puree, and rib-eye steak is served with sweet potato fries and smoked corn sauce.

Desserts include a Nuala shell based on lancer milk mousse with melon jelly, a shortbread tartlet with lavender cream and seasonal blueberries, and a Belgian chocolate dessert with gold leaf. Every morning Nuala bakes three types of bread, which are served as a compliment.

Wine occupies a special place. There are more than 700 items in the wine boutique and on the shelves, including both global bestsellers and positions from local winemakers. The price of wine easily competes with other offerings in the city.

Every day Nuala welcomes guests with a spacious, bright hall: openwork chandeliers, light chintz curtains on the windows, greenery and upholstered furniture.